Len Rhodes, your UCP candidate for Edmonton-Meadows

Len is one of Edmonton’s most prominent civic leaders and relationship builders.  He is passionate about community engagement initiatives and has always believed that volunteerism is an important part of citizenship.  As a prostate cancer survivor and having grown up in a home affected by spousal abuse, Len has taken leadership roles as a volunteer for prostate cancer and women’s shelters.
As a senior manager with national and multi-national organizations, Len understands how essential low taxes, less red tape, and government accountability are to businesses and the families who depend on them.  But for the past 4 years, the NDP’s misguided, out-of-touch, and job-killing policies are squeezing businesses and pushing investment out of the province.
As President and CEO of the Edmonton Eskimos, Len has been a champion for Edmonton and a steadfast advocate for the city.  His passion for Edmonton and Alberta has inspired him to be a part of Jason Kenney’s diverse, experienced, and talented UCP team to help improve our economy, our communities, and our families.